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BGA board member for 7 years. He is somebody who is deeply loyal to his county and his community.  He was born and raised in Douglas County and would not want to be from anywhere else.  After a 20+ year career in Law Enforcement with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, he taught himself to find humor in almost anything as a coping mechanism, but has also learned how one person's Mind-Body-Spirit is essential for survival.  It's a bit like a three-legged stool in that if you kick one of the legs out, the other two will soon follow, so he works hard to maintain all three to ensure survival and peace well into retirement. 


Why Jay loves BGA: I absolutely love the community of it all.  That place is called a golf course, but golf is just a small percentage of what that ground means to this community.  I also really love how welcoming our membership is to new, old, challenged, flat-out bad golfers. We could not care less if you are any good or have ever even played before.  We just love having new and old faces out there to enjoy in the therapy that 65 acres can provide while enjoying time with other people from your community you may not otherwise get to see very often.   




BGA board member for 1 year. He is a hayseed from Iowa who is down to earth and just loves the camaraderie I get to enjoy at BGA.  I consider myself someone who can see both sides of an issue.  Golfing wise, I’m not as good as I think I should be, but I get everything I deserve on the course due to my highly regimented off-season practice routine—which amounts to looking at my clubs in the garage and hoping I have enough decent golf balls and tees in my bag from last fall to make it through a few Men’s Nights this upcoming Spring.

Why Paul loves BGA: The new friends I’ve met.  My favorite memories are probably playing in our night golf and other tournaments we host at the course as well as winning “something” occasionally on Men’s Night.



Vice President 

BGA board member for 1 year. A dedicated father and husband, an artist, a writer, a loyal friend and a man who takes pride in playing an active role in trying to make the wonderful community we've chosen to call home (Baldwin City) an even better place.

Why Ande loves BGA: I am lucky enough to live just a few blocks from the course. I love that proximity. I love being to hit the course on a whim. I think Baldwin is so lucky to have such a beautiful and vibrant green space within city limits. Most of all, I love that the course is a perfect place to teach the game to kids… the perfect place to pass a passion for golf onto the next generation. It's been that way out there since 1950, and I hope we can keep it going for a long time to come.

Two favorite memories come to mind: hitting balls with my son on a warm summer day, and playing night golf for the first time. Watching the glowing, brightly-colored balls sail across the night sky is a sight I will never forget. Magical.




BGA board member for 3 years. He is easy going, proud father and husband, fortunate to have several BGA friends, average to slightly above average golfer at times

Why Jake loves BGA: I’ve golfed at BGA since I was 5 years old and it’s still a very special place to me.  It’s my family’s “go-to” when we’re looking to spend some quality time outside together.  Some of my favorite friendships started at BGA.  It’s a special place and a special group of dedicated people who are involved.

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